What to Bring

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What documents do I need to have ready for my appointment?


  • Original Social Security Cards or ITIN numbers for all who will be listed on the tax return (spouse, if married, and any dependents being claimed). ITIN applications and renewals are free when you file a federal tax return.
  • Picture ID for taxpayer and spouse, if married. (must be a Driver's License, state-issued ID, passport, or other official document).
  • All W-2's issued for ALL places worked in the previous year.
  • Total amount of Economic Impact (Stimulus) Payment received in 2021.
  • Account and routing number for checking or savings account on a bank document for direct deposit of refunds.
  • If you received advance payment of the Child Tax Credit, you will need to have the IRS issued letter 6419 (Letter 6419 to be issued by IRS in January 2022)
  • If you received a Premium Tax Credit in the previous year through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace Insurance Plan (Obamacare), you must bring form 1095-A.


  • Copies of any 1099's issued.
  • Bank account interest year-end statements.
  • Student loan interest statement.
  • Proof of child care expenses paid (statement from provider with EIN# or Social Security number).
  • State of post-secondary education tuition expenses paid.
  • Social Security year-end statements (1099-SSA).
  • Any other documents related to taxes.
  • Copy of last year's taxes.


  • Copies of last year's mortgage interest statements.
  • Real estate taxes statement.
  • Proof of charitable donations.
  • Statement of work-related expenses.
  • Auto registration and taxes paid in the previous year.